Fusio Dose:              $30 (additional booster + $5)


A Highly concentrated blend of ingredients meant to target multiple needs of the hair. Instant hair transformation in just 5 min.


Indulgent Masque Ritual:          $40.00


Experience a deep treatment with an amazing scalp massage to transform your hair into beautiful healthy hair. 15 minutes



Chronologiste:                            $85


Experience the most amazing, luxurious deep treatment that will leave your hair feeling nourished, soft, shiny, and stronger than ever before. 30 Minutes


Rene Furterer Express Treatment (10mn)  $25


Scalp Cleansing and Stimulating:

Promote optimal hair growth by maintaining a healthy scalp.

The Renee Furterer's Complex 5 treatment will deeply cleanse the scalp to prevent blockage and stimulate blood flow to ensure proper nourishment.


Sensitive scalp:

Provide instant relief for an irrated or itchy scalp with the ultimate soothing treatment.

Astera Fluid gently cleanses the scalp while calming inflammation and reducing irritation. It nourishes and protects the scalp for lasting effect.


Dry Scalp and hair:

Highly nourishing natural substances provide excellent moisture to dry scalp. Karite oil is a deep-conditioning, pre-shampoo treatment that provides protection and nutrition to the scalp.


Color enhancing and shine:

Lock in color for longer-lasting color while adding brillance and shine.


Rene Furterer Luxury Treatment (30mn)       $65


The Renee Furterer scalp treatment is more than a spa day for your scalp. It is a proven regimen designed specifically to maximize the benefit of the scalp treatment while providing a relaxing and enjoyable experience. This is a full service appointment:


Diagnosis: each treatment start with a customized scalp and hair diagnosis or you may select from any of premium express treatment.


Specific brushing: Rene Furterer specific brushing techniques are designed to breakdown scalp build-up and stimulate the hair follicles.


Massage: The Renee Furterer 9 step massage which will relax the scalp, improve blood circulation and promote lymphatic exchange. This results in increased skin suppleness and better penetration of key ingredients.


Shampoo: Rene Furterer treatment shampoos work deep below the skin surface.


Conditioning mask: A deep treatment mask specially selected for your hair type and concern.


Scalp Treatment: Selected for your specific scalp concern:

  • One of the express treatment listed above or


  • Sudden or temporary thinning hair : Stimulate hair to grow faster and stronger. If hair has recently begun fall out more noticeably, this could be due to temporary causes. Rene Furterer's RF80 treatment will nourish, streghten and protect the hair bulb while stimulating the vascular network to bring more nutrients. The effect is less hair fall and stronger hair growth. This treatment should be done once a week for 3 to 6 months.


  • Progressive Thinning Hair: Slow down thinning hair and stimulate new hair growth. Triphasic treatments will treat the three causes for thinning hair(vascular, tissular and hormonal) in order to slow thinning and promote new hair growth. This treatment should be done once a week indefinitely.


  • Hair Thickening: Thicken and strengthen fine, weak hair. Tonucia serum plumps each strand over time by optimizing scalp health and reapiring and protecting fine, weak hair.